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Forestry. Timberland. Woodland. 


Forestry Investment Advisor was launched in 2020 by Peter Chappell as an independent, specialist consultancy for investors in forestry, timberland and woodland.  Forestry Investment Advisor is designed to provide a cost effective solution to investors who want to ensure financial optimisation of their forest assets, but want to avoid the route of traditional Timberland Investment Management Organisations (TIMOs).

Peter started his career with an Honours degree in forestry from Aberdeen, Scotland, and an MSc from Imperial College, London.  His first professional roles were in timber harvesting and silvicultural services.  In 2012, after a year spent in Finland working on forest valuation and appraisal, he moved into the field of forestry investment, and now splits his time working within a major UK forestry services business, and consulting for Forestry Investment Advisor. 

In 2019, Peter gained a second MSc from Tampere University, Finland in ‘International Forestry’, investigating the  topic; where is the most attractive location for forestry investors to consider in emerging Europe?