Aerial view of blue lakes and green fore

Forestry. Timberland. Woodland. 

Forestry investment destinations


  • Annual commercial forest market of around €300m.

  • Deep established markets for timber and forestry services.

  • High quality forest data available

  • Portfolio building attractive option making entry possible at different scales

  • Possibilities to make management changes to boost carbon sequestration

Forest fen in peat moor at Hokensas Natu


  • Productive Nordic forestry destination for corporate forest purchase

  • Relative accessibility gives strong market demand

  • Various opportunities for productive forestry and development of other values such as biodiversity conservation

Old spruce wood forest with blueberry bu


  • New Teak plantation creation on degraded lands

  • Working with partners with track record in the region

  • Use of collective ownership vehicle to target IRR of 8 -11%

  • Possible to gain a stake from €50,000

  • Get background on Teak at: or general statistics from the International Tropical Timber Organisation

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