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Important dates for climate, and sustainability.

From the 1st to the 12th November 2021 is the COP26 conference in Glasgow. HOME - UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) at the SEC – Glasgow 2021 (

The conference was postponed from 2020 due to COVID and now there is a greater urgency than ever for the planet to come together to reach agreement on collective action to reduce carbon emissions.

Whilst the focus at COP 26 will be on climate, let's hope that the broader sustainablility agenda makes progress in 2021. I'm looking forward to the next decade to see how forestry can play its part in global action on THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (, and hope that more investors demand that their forestry investments live up to the UN's aspirations.

Throughout 2021, at Forestry Investment Advisor we shall look to develop the theme of climate and sustainablity and provide clients with more information on how forestry can perform as a climate friendly and sustainable alternitive investment.

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